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Public Relations ( PI )

Narcotics Anonymous is a nonprofit, international, community-based organization for recovering addicts active in over 140 countries. Narcotics Anonymous (NA) members learn from one another how to live drug-free and recover from the effects of addiction in their lives.
If you have considered recommending NA to someone who has a drug problem, you may have a few questions about our organization. This page is designed to answer those questions.

Who are members of Narcotics Anonymous?

Anyone who may have a problem with drugs, legal or illegal, including alcohol, are welcome in NA. Recovery in NA focuses on the problem of addiction, not on any particular drug.

How does Narcotics Anonymous work?

Addicts helping each other recover are the foundation of NA. Members meet regularly to talk about their experiences in recovery. More experienced members (known as sponsors) work individually with newer members.
The core of the NA program is the Twelve Steps. These "steps" are a set of guidelines outlining a practical approach to recovery. By following these guidelines and working closely with other members, addicts learn to stop using drugs and face the challenges of daily living.
Narcotics Anonymous is not a religious organization and does not mandate any particular belief system. It does teach basic spiritual principles such as honesty, open-mindedness, faith, willingness, and humility that may be applied in everyday life. The specific practical application of spiritual principles is determined by each individual.

Narcotics Anonymous in the Community

Volunteer committees of NA members are formed to coordinate many services within the community. NA accepts no financial contributions from non-members, has no professional counselors and maintains no clinics or residential facilities. Below is a list of services that NA may offer:

  • Participate in Health Fairs and Conferences organized by professional organizations
  • Presentations to churches, parole officers, judges, counselors, nurses, doctors, and schools, among others for information purposes
  • Public Service Announcements via the media
  • Phone Line Services for general meeting locations and information
  • Meeting Lists that contain times and locations of meetings in the community

If you are a member of NA and want to help unify our services with Public Relations, Your voice and your direction for this AREA is necessary, please show up! We need the help. Don't let the few make decisions for the whole without telling us what you want to happen! In loving service,

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