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Literature Translation (LTC)

Every addict of Nepal should have the chance to experience our message in his or her own language and culture and find the opportunity for a new way of life. Literrature Translation Comittee deals with the translation of NA Literature, booklets, IP na dothe NA related writings to native Nepal Language.

The Following NA Literratures are available in Nepali and are Available in our Literature Page:

  • Basic Text
  • Step Working Guide( Working )
  • IP No-2 - The Group
  • IP No-5 - Another Look
  • IP No-6 - recovery and relapse
  • IP No-7 - Am I an addict
  • IP No-8 - Just for Today
  • IP No-11 - Sponsorship
  • IP No-12 - Trangle of self acceptance
  • IP No-14 - One Addict's Experience
  • IP No-19 - Self Acceptance
  • IP No-20 - H & I-Nep
  • IP No-22- Welcome to N.A
  • IP No-23 - Staying clean on the outside
  • IP No-24 - Hey what's the Basket for

If you are a NA Member want to help out the Literature Translation comittee, please contact the Translation comittee members. Together We Can.

In Loving Service,

Rajen S. - 9843079819


  • Rajen S. ( Chair )
  • Rabin K. ( Vice Chair)
  • Ananta M. ( Comittee Member )