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Social Media 

The rise of social media and social networking in recent years has had significant and widespread effects on how members of our fellowship interact with one another. NA members have posed many questions about how our principles can be applied to these social networking tools, and this topic generated an extended discussion at the 2010 World Service Conference. This service pamphlet provides a synthesis of some of the points that arose from that discussion, along with members’ input and best practices related to social networking. Our goal is not to endorse or encourage the use of social media or any particular social networking resource; we are simply responding to the reality that many members do utilize these resources and also to the many requests for guidance and insight on how to use social media responsibly in light of our tradition of anonymity. While our Eleventh Tradition specifically addresses our presence “at the level of press, radio, and films,” the principles of this tradition can be applied to many other levels of engagement with the public. For a coworker or family member who knows nothing about NA, our behavior in online forums may be the only example of NA they encounter. Our own personal activity on social networking sites, especially our interactions with other members on these sites, can say a great deal about who we are as a fellowship. This service pamphlet is meant to offer some clarification on applying our guiding principles and help members make informed decisions when using social media and social networking sites. This pamphlet is not meant to cover all forms of electronic communication, such as email, online meetings or discussion boards, personal websites or blogs. For further Anonymity is essential in preserving the stability of our fellowship, making personal recovery possible. It Works: How and Why, Tradition Twelve 2 information, consult the Eleventh Tradition essays from the Basic Text and It Works: How and Why, or look to the Public Relations Handbook, Chapter Ten, “Internet Technology,” or contact NA World Services. Given the rapidly-changing nature of information technology, the language in this pamphlet may become outdated or seem specific to a particular social networking resource, but our hope is simply to capture some current best practices that can serve as specific examples of applying our principles.


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