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Area secretaries handle all their committees’ paperwork, a formidable job. Their first responsibility is to take clear, accurate minutes of area committee meetings and distribute those minutes to all committee participants within a reasonable period of time after each meeting. In the process of keeping the minutes of each meeting, secretaries should regularly update a log of area policy actions. The log lists motions the committee has passed regarding the activities of administrative officers and subcommittees. These motions should be listed chronologically under a heading for the officer or subcommittee they affect. Secretaries should have copies of the most recent printing of the log of policy actions available for new GSRs and should periodically distribute updated versions to all area committee participants. Because most secretaries mail minutes to area committee members, they need to keep an updated list of participants’ addresses. With their committees’ permission, they should mail copies of these lists once or twice a year to the World Service Office. These lists will make it possible for the WSO to provide groups, subcommittees, and administrative officers with current information pertinent to their areas of service.


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